Turton and Edgworth Church of England Methodist Primary School

Support & Counselling

We are very proud at Turton & Edgworth that our Pastoral support & care for our pupils is acknowledged as one of our many strengths.

As part of our continual support for the children (& we hope parents & carers) we have our own school counsellor, Laura Jones.

Laura is an experienced counsellor, having worked with children & families for many years. It is felt that the independent counselling service complements the strengths of our pastoral system by offering additional personal support to children who may benefit from the opportunity to work with a professional counsellor.

Laura’s role in school is to support children by providing a non-judgmental & private space to discuss issues that are affecting their everyday lives. Whilst issues worked through vary from child to child, examples of issues that Laura has supported children (& their parents where requested) with, include bereavement, bullying, friendship difficulties, family breakdown, confidence & self-esteem, anger management, changes in behaviour etc. Concerns may have been expressed by parents/carers, school staff (or children themselves) & changes in behaviour at home or at school already noted & happening for some time or only recently noticed.

Laura provides support for children in a number of different ways:

  • With parental consent children can be seen for a period of planned individual sessions following referral from parents or staff.
  • Junior children can also refer themselves for an ad-hoc Drop-in appointment by completing a form that can be found outside the Junior Library/Music room & can come along with a friend or on their own to talk about whatever they wish.

All sessions (drop-in & individual) are confidential with the limits of this fully explained when Laura meets with a child for the first time. Laura does not share anything that is discussed during the meetings unless she feels that the information may cause harm or is against the law. Laura actively encourages children to talk with their parents/carers. Children are encouraged to express thoughts and feelings through play therapy such as sand play, by the use of toy animals and through writing and drawing.

Children & parents have said that they have found both the Individual & Drop-in sessions for children helpful & we know that the children really value & enjoy talking with Laura.

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