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Maths is split up into the following areas;

Using and applying mathematics

This area is all about problem solving and puzzles. Children often find this the most difficult part of maths as they have to apply mathematical knowledge. This area also includes learning about money and as we more frequently use cards instead of money, children have to work especially hard to understand the concept of change.

Counting and understanding number

Often children can count really easily but sometimes they lack the knowledge of the value of numbers e.g. which number is bigger 45 or 21 or what number comes before 60? At the beginning of maths lessons we often spend time counting. We count forwards and backwards and in steps such as 5s or 3s. This area also includes estimating numbers, using 100 squares and number lines, fractions and counting objects reliably. You can download a hundred square here.

Knowing and using number facts

Number facts are essential in order to make good progress and be confident in maths. This includes knowing pairs of numbers that make 10, 20 and 100, number bonds to 10 and then 20, halves and doubles and times tables. Number bonds are the relationship between numbers using arithmetic. For example, how can we make 6? 3 + 3, 10 - 4, 4 + 2, 6 - 0. Once children are confident with number facts calculating answers becomes much easier.


We teach Children a variety of methods of how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, not just the traditional column method that used to be taught. We do this because it develops a child's understanding of number and ability to calculate mentally. It is so easy to follow a method and get the answer right but unless you fully understand what is happening to the numbers, mistakes can easily be made. To find out more about the methods of calculation we teach, have a look at the documents below or attend the maths evenings held each year at school.

Understanding shape

Children learn the names of both 2D and 3D shapes. We teach related vocabulary to help to describe a shape's properties. This area also includes symmetry, angles and patterns, perimeter, fractions of shapes and coordinates.


We, as adults, take measuring for granted because it's a skill that we naturally use every day. At school we teach children to be able to read scales such as on a ruler, a thermometer or weighing scales. We learn about capacity, area and importantly time. It is really helpful if you try to help your child read the time and know the days of the week and months of the year.

Handling data

Handling data is all about collecting information, representing it in tables, charts and graphs and interpreting the information. In the upper juniors, the children also begin to learn about probability and basic statistics such as finding the mean, median and mode.

Should you require more information on our curriculum, please contact the school on 01204 852932, who will happily help, thank you.

Our Maths Curriculum


Websites for Reception Children

Numbers and Counting

Hang the washing
Hang out the washing (which has numbers on them) in the correct order. You can choose from numbers to 5, odd or even numbers to 10 or random to 20.

Count with Lecky
Count up to 5 or 10 balloons

Fish tank
Develops counting and mouse control. Catch the correct number of fish.

Mucky numbers
Develops understanding of more and less

Counting caterpillar
Put the numbers on the leaves in order

Nutty numbers
Help the squirrel to collect the acorns in order.

Fairies in the fog
Choose the correct fairy to carry on the pattern. It is quite tricky at times as it is random

Post a letter
Listen to the number and post the letter in the correct door.

Colour the animals
Colour the number of animals that it shows

Counting in the Jungle
Count the different objects in the picture and click on the correct number.

Frog jumps
Tell the frog which lily pad to jump on. Each pad has a different number on it.

Colour count
Colour in the picture by pairing up the number to the word.

Find the number
Match the number that the parrot has. (1 – 10)

Adding and Subtracting

Save the whale
Develops number bonds to 10. Add the correct length pipe to free the whale.

Funky Mummy
Mummy gives you 3 multiple choice answers to number bonds to 20

Pirate numbers
Count the barrels and insert the number (up to 20). If you get 4 wrong your ship will sink!!

Fairground target game
Count the ducks to 10

Little animals add and take
Choose the correct dice numbers to finish the number sentence.

Target take away
Knock down the targets to find out the answer.

Test the toad
Click on the person with the correct number.


String of beads
Copy the bead patterns

Butterfly patterns
Copy a butterfly pattern or create your own

Lecky paint
Colour the butterfly. Develops symmetry and copying patterns

Colour train
Copy patterns and colour the train


Hickory dickory
Choose the correct clock for mouse to climb. Only o’clock

Lecky compare
Develops understanding of comparison vocabulary – smallest. Biggest, widest, narrowest, tallest, shortest etc

Sort the apples
Pick the apples from the tree and sort them into the correct boxes depending on their size.

Weighing bears
Weigh different sizes of teddy on the scales.

Simple scales
Weigh 4 different toys

Capacity game
Click on the container which has more water in.


Seaside other half
Match the other half of objects at the seaside.

Data Handling

Graph Game
Interpret line graphs.

Websites for the Infants and the Juniors

Solving Problems


Money Splat
Which hand holds 10p?

Math Olympics
Multiple choice quiz covering various areas. Most suitable for upper juniors.

Number Puzzle
Investigate changing the numbers at the bottom of the pyramid and see what happens to the other numbers.

Crazy Counting Machine
Try to reach the target number but you can only halve, double or add or subtract specific numbers.

Money Maker
Make various amounts of money and change. There are different levels from 20p to £5.

Pentagonal Room
Solve the maths puzzles to escape the room.

Weigh the Wang doodles
Work out how much each Wang doodle weighs from the information provided.

Algebra Puzzles
Work out the value of the different objects so that the column and rows add up to the correct numbers.

Calculator Chaos
Make numbers using limited buttons on the calculator.

Frog jumping puzzle

Conveyor belt
Word problems using mental addition and subtraction. Not large numbers.

Number Facts and Calculating


Bug Race
Two player game. You can choose the maximum and minimum numbers to use. Answer questions and move up the screen.

Tut Pup
Race other people to answer maths questions

Addition and subtraction

Addition Pinball
Pinball with addition questions (facts to 10)

Add to 1 million
American who wants to be a millionaire with multiple choice addition questions (up to 3 digits)

Addition Surprise
Place the numbers in the correct place on the addition grid to reveal the picture

Batman addition
Choose the correct batman adding answer. (Addition facts numbers up to 10)

Farm addition
Count the different animals.

Simple addition
Click on the cloud numbers for the answers. Numbers only to 10

Addition machine
Enter the answer to addition sums. Three levels from 1 to 2 digit numbers.

Rabbit Takeaway
Simple subtraction using numbers to 10 and rabbits.

Submarine Number Pad
Add 10 to the number and shoot the submarine.

Speedy sums
Click on the one digit numbers to make the target number.

Estimation Valley Golf
You have 10 seconds to estimate the answer to a number sentence. (generally HTU + HTU or TU x TU). The more accurate you are the nearer to the hole you go.

Multiplication and Division

Space Racer Multiplication
Quickly type the answers to multiplications to avoid hitting the asteroids.

Number Invaders
Like space invaders but you have to shoot the correct answer to the number sentence.

Times Table Quiz
Multiple choice questions.

Estimation Valley Golf
You have 10 seconds to estimate the answer to a number sentence. (generally HTU + HTU or TU x TU). The more accurate you are the nearer to the hole you go.

Pumpkin Multiples


Weighing, Time, Length, Capacity, Perimeter, Area

Alien Weigh in
Find out how much the different aliens weigh.

Algebra Scales
Work out how much an object weighs by using the information given. Suitable for upper juniors.

Time Works
Put the numbers in the correct place on the clock

Crazy Clock
Play this game in pairs. Click on the correct time to win.


Fruit Picker
Move the arrow 30 or 45 degrees either clock or anticlockwise to collect the fruit.


Taxi game
Quite a tricky game that uses coordinates for the taxi to drive his passenger to.

Stock the Shelves
Help the man put the stock in the correct order.

Try to find Hurkle by typing coordinates. If you are wrong, you will be told in which direction (e.g. NW) he is.

Locate the Aliens
Type in the coordinates to find the aliens. Includes negative numbers

Space boy to the rescue
Place the space boy in the correct place on the grid. Includes negative coordinates

Hidden Craft
Find the ship (A bit like battle chips)

Handling Data

Train Race
Mean, Median, Mode activity

Mean, Median, Mode Millionnaire

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