Turton and Edgworth Church of England Methodist Primary School


The PTFA - what do we do?

The PTFA is made up of parents, teachers, and friends of Edgworth Primary School who generously volunteer their time for the benefit of the school. The PTFA has two functions, fundraising and to provide an opportunity for those involved with the school to meet socially. Through the efforts and generosity of the PTFA members and all those that support PTFA events the school has been able to fund such major projects as a sound system and staging for performances in the hall, an outdoor activity and sensory garden for the Reception class, the move and refurbishment of the school Library and a complete new reading scheme of books. Smaller items, such as a small cooker, a guitar, sports kit, the notice board, digital cameras, blinds for classrooms and new books are some of those obtained in addition.


The New Year Grand Raffle is the biggest event of the year in terms of fundraising. Other smaller, but becoming equally traditional, events in the school year include the Summer and Christmas Disco, Cheese and Wine Evening, Silver Smarties and Mad Hair Day!

The Committee Members

Chairperson: Aimee Robinson

The Chairperson is responsible for leading the members in organising the events. Through regular (half-termly) meetings, ideas for new events are generated and commitments of help finalised for those events that are imminent. Contacting and liaising with the school team, PTFA sponsors and volunteers is a key element of the role.

Secretary: Rachel Saxby

The Secretary takes minutes of the meetings and copies these to those who attend and anyone else who is interested in receiving them. Letters are generated and some event booking are the main tasks. the secretary co-ordinates information and supports the Chairperson where possible.

Treasurer: Rachael Titmuss

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the books of income and expenditure. This involves direct contact with the bank to pay money in and reconcile statements. Changes to the bank mandate are agreed, i.e. those authorised to sign cheques. At events the Treasurer organises control of any cash to provide floats at the start and count and pay in takings at the end. Any expenses to be reimbursed are put through the Treasurer. The accounts must also be independently audited annually.


This involves the design & production of posters to advertise forthcoming events. They are distributed around school and main events are also advertised within the community.

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