Phonics. Little Wandle - Letters and Sounds: Revised

At Turton Edgworth, we teach phonics using the "Little Wandle" scheme as we feel it is best designed and written to meet the needs of our children. Phonics is delivered daily in Key Stage 1 (and to some children in Key Stage 2) and every single member of our teaching staff have been trained in the effective use of Little Wandle.

We make regular assessments of the children's progress (approx. every 6 weeks) and identify, accurately, the resources and texts they need to help them with their next steps. We are highly skilled at ensuring the level of text matches the child's phase at that time. If you would like to know more about Little Wandle, here is a link to the parents area of the website:


Phonics screening.

We assess children at the end of Year 1 using a national, DfE/STA check. Children are shown a variety of real and pseudo words that they are asked to read. The checks are delivered in a way that does not cause children to worry. They are very used to being asked about reading words and so the check does not feel like a formal 'test'! However, the checks are always led by a trained teacher who delivers them using a consistent, standard process. 

Although phonics lessons continue into Year 2 for all children, those who did not meet the expected phonics standard at the end of Year 1, get the opportunity to take the check again (different words) at the end of Year 2.


Supporting documents.

If you have any questions about phonics, please speak with your child's teacher who will be happy to explain. Please find links below to help you support your child with their phonics; and your own understanding:

Glossary of terms- attached

National Curriculum Progression document

Little Wandle progression document Rec-Y1- attached

Little Wandle progression document Y2 - attached 

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