Pupil Premium and Catch Up Funding

Attached below is the 3-year strategy documents for the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) and catch-up funding.

This grant is allocated to children who meet certain thresholds such as FSM, Children Looked After and Service Personnel's children (not exhaustive). The school plans and spends the money in the ways it deems most effective with the aim of ensuring disadvantaged children achieve as well as non-disadvantaged children and their wellbeing needs are met. Also, where possible, to provide wider experiences.

In addition to this main document, please find our strategy documents for "Catch-up funding" at Edgworth School in previous years. Whilst the overarching strategy document details the bugetting for both PPG and catch-up funding, we produced these shorter, more specific documents to show the impact of this funding. We used our own highly qualified teaching staff to deliver 'catch-up' support to specifically targetted children. This is because we believed the children would achieve better with teachers who are familiar to them and because the teachers had the best insight into the children's particular areas of need.

The impact of this was profound and we recovered to pre-pandemic levels in record time! The hard work of the children and the hard work and expertise of our staff meant that close to 100% of the children who had fallen behind during covid returned to their pre-pandemic assessment levels by Summer Term 2023 at the latest. We actually produced our best ever results in the Summer Term of 2023!

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